Opat Rope Access

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OPAT has a Rope Access Division whose team consists of Trade and TRAC qualified Rope Access Technicians.

OPAT's Rope Access Team have undergone rigorous training in 2018 and introduced, for the first time in Queensland The Roper System.

The Roper System® is an Australian designed and engineered, internationally patented height safety system. It is a simple, multipurpose, shock absorbing system controlled from either end, to raise or lower at any time with an integrated 30 second rescue plan, greatly reducing costs and associated risks. By using one system for every scenario users will be safer & more familiar with its operation. A higher level of competency can be maintained, reducing risk of an accident caused by misuse.​

Opat Ropes Team
The Roper System enhances the culture of safety culture, making it possible now to ‘walk the talk’.
  • Working at Heights, Fall Restraint & Rescue Recovery
  • Same kit, every scenario. Controlling the risk.​ The safety secret is all about. Rigging and Roping. A working at heights. "Multi-Tool".
  • 30 second rescue plan
  • Simple design = minimal training
  • Time & Cost effective
  • Through life service policy
  • Australian Standards & CE Compliant
  • Supply Nation certified Indigenous Australian company
  • TRAC International training

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Rope Access has become a key player in the Building Repainting and Yearly Maintenance of Buildings. It is proving to have the attributes of limited disruption to building occupants and members of the public. It is a developing industry reliant of safety and training; which OPAT is totally committed to.

OPAT’s unique position of having a well established ground crew working in conjunction with a dedicated Rope Access Team enables OPAT to operate in combination with Scaffold Access and EWPs (Elevated Work Platforms) to achieve the safest solutions while maintaining the highest quality of work. We offer one-off services or long term cleaning and building maintenance quotes and contracts. Tailored to every Body Corporates' Buildings' Specific requirements.

  • Painting
  • Concrete Cancer and Waterproofing
  • Anchor Installation and Certification
  • General Building Repairs and Inspections
  • Building, Window and Gutter Pressure Washing
  • Caulking
  • Signage and Banner Installation
  • Tennyson Reach - External Repaint - Completed by OPAT's Trade Qualified Rope Access & Swing Stage Teams
  • What a View - Tennyson Reach External Repaint
  • Tennyson Reach - Rigging Safety Check
  • Amity Towers External Repaint - A Perfect Combination of Rope Access & Swing Stage Access
  • Roper & TRAC Certified Ropies - Rhys Phillips & Seiak Poe
  • Brian (Mqobi) Sibanda - OPAT's Rope Access Manager Skillfully Navigating Equipment & Painting
  • Rope Access
  • Rope Access
  • Rope Access
  • Rope Access
  • Rope Access
  • The Astor Center External Repaint - Qualified TRAC 3 Ropies - Rhys Phillips & Daniel Burrows
  • Trade Qualified Rope Access Manager - Brian ( Mqobi) Sibanda
  • Rope Access
  • External Repaint - Regatta Apartments
  • Coronation Place External Repaint - TRAC 2 Qualified Ropie - Ben Hussey
  • Coronation Place External Repaint
  • Coronation Place External Repaint
  • Anchor Installation - TRAC 3 Qualified Ropie - Ryan Castel
  • Seiak Poe - Trade Qualified TRAC 1 Rope Access Painter
  • Quay Terraces Has Experienced Water Ingress - Ropie Rhys Phillips Doing Adhesion Testing As The Project Progresses
  • Quay Terraces - Adhesion Testing
  • Rope Access
  • Tennyson "Reach"!
  • Astor Center External Repaint
    Astor Center - External Repaint
  • Tennyson Reach - Pressure Wash
  • OPAT Ropes Manager Enjoys His Job!
  • The Roper System will enhance your safety culture, making it possible now to ‘walk the talk’.
  • Tennyson Reach - OPAT Ropie Team in action
  • 93 Moray Street Brisbane
  • Qualified TRAC 2 Ropie Ben Hussey
  • Building Washdown
    Tennyson Reach - Ropies Having Fun