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Concrete Rectification

Ever heard of concrete cancer? It sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Well, it is! However, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your infrastructure, concrete cancer can be repaired and we are the concrete and paint experts for the job! We are your building experts for concrete rectification and we’ll have your building or structure looking as good as new in no time at all! Plus, ask us about our building maintenance program to help keep your building looking as good as new for as long as possible!

What is concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer occurs when there is corrosion of steel reinforcing bars within a concrete structure. It’s usually due to the age of the structure or building, the quality of the original concrete, the depth of concrete cover over the reinforcing steel and environmental conditions.

As the steel corrodes, it expands, exerting pressure on the surrounding concrete which fractures and ‘spalls’ with lumps of concrete eventually falling from the structure. These spalls, depending on the severity and location, can be a real danger to the surrounding area.

Concrete cancer repair work is not normally professionally addressed in ‘painting quotations’ as it requires a separate Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) Licence to carry out Concrete Cancer Repairs. OPAT is an Approved Licence Holder and we’re ready to help!

What exactly is concrete rectification?

Well, the name really says it all. Our team of remedial technicians will diagnose the concrete and repair it accordingly to ensure it is returned to its structural balance. We’ll also repair any unsightly cracks, even if they’re only causing aesthetic concern!

Basically, whatever the concrete requires in order for it to return to its safe, stable and aesthetically pleasing condition, we’ll take care of it! We have years of experience in concrete rectification and you can always rest assured that with Opat on your team, you’ll never be disappointed!

How does concrete rectification work?

Opat is a company you can trust when it comes to ensuring the safety of your building. Concrete rectification works in a few simple steps, including:

  • Removing loose concrete and any chipped or damaged pieces from the spalled surface.
  • Cutting around the spalled area to expose the reinforcing bars beneath the surface of the concrete.
  • Removing any rust from the bars
  • Applying an anti-rust coating to the reinforcing bars.
  • Reinstate the damaged concrete with a proprietary repair mortar specifically developed for concrete cancer repairs.

While there are many causes of concrete cancer, it primarily occurs as a result of the natural aging process of all concrete structures referred to as carbonation. This is a natural aging process where the concrete reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, reducing the level of alkalinity which when first poured forms a passivating layer on the surface of the steel providing protection against corrosion.

The lower level of alkalinity in conjunction with the presence of chlorides which penetrate into the concrete over time is generally the main cause of corrosion of steel reinforcement within concrete structures. Ignoring or underestimating the potential damage of spalling can be dangerous. That;’s why it’s always best to get in touch and ask us about how we can help!

You can rest assured that we never skip a step when it comes to the safety of our clients! We do only the best work, with only the best equipment to ensure that the job is done to the absolute best of our ability.

Why should I choose Opat?

There are many reasons why we think we are a great fit for you. Honestly, we could go on all day about why our concrete solutions are the best in the business. However, we get that everyone is busy, so we’ll get right to it!

We have years of experience

The year is 1949 - yep, 70 years ago - and David Opat, the company’s founder, arrived in Melbourne, Australia where he quickly established a new painting and decorating business. David worked to develop the Opat business over the next 60 years and built his company to become one of the most respected painting companies in the whole of Australia.

Ever heard of the motto ‘Quality you can trust’? That’s Opat! With 70 years of experience in the business, it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing! For over 65 years Opat has delivered superior service and the highest standard of workmanship in the field of painting and maintenance with thousands of satisfied clients throughout Australia. Clients are familiar with our strong work ethic, and our commitment to provide excellence in service and quality. We are confident that all would vouch for the high level of integrity with which we conduct our business.

We are your one-stop-shop

It’s no secret that, as a company, our skill-set if very broad. Not only do we offer the best concrete rectification in the country, but we also offer:

  • Painting - Over the years Opat has built an enviable reputation for quality workmanship in the painting industry. We provide quality work and specialist services. By employing skilled tradespersons who have extensive knowledge of products, we have remained at the forefront of the industry for 7 decades.
  • Rope Access - Our rope access division consists of trade and TRAC qualified rope access technicians. Our Roper SystemⓇ is an Australian designed and engineered, internationally patented height safety system. It is a simple, multipurpose, shock-absorbing system controlled from either end, to raise or lower at any time with an integrated 30-second rescue plan, which greatly reduces costs and associated risks.
  • Waterproofing - This is another specialists process that requires a separate QBCC Licence. Lucky we have one! Waterproofing involves identifying the cause of water ingress, and the professional selection and application of products specific to each case are critical to ensure a long term solution. Opat stays abreast of all new waterproofing technologies to ensure a quality outcome for our clients.
  • Rendering - Rendering and painting breathe new life into ‘tired’ buildings. It is a quick and cost-effective way to give your building a fresh but modern new look while adding considerable value to your property. Trust us, we know our stuff!
  • Building Maintenance - Opat offers an ongoing Building Maintenance Program compiled to suit the individual Body Corporate requirements. Scheduling a yearly maintenance program, which inspects and identifies the repairs and painting to high traffic areas, acts as a preventative to the long term costs of maintaining a building. Our services are custom-designed in consultation with the Client to provide the most cost-effective outcomes. This program can also be hugely beneficial to our clients who are seeking concrete repairs.

We’re a small team with a big skillset and we always put the time and effort into each initial consultation to ensure all our clients get exactly what they’re looking for: complete satisfaction with the job! You don’t get to be Australia’s oldest privately owned painting business without continuously working to put smiles on clients’ faces.

We are an approved licence holder

It can be difficult to find a painting company that will include concrete rectification in their quote, as this service requires a separate QBCC License, which many companies don’t have. OPAT is an Approved Licence Holder and can provide quality concrete rectification, that’s a promise. We will address all defects before painting and offer you a comprehensive quote before commencing any work.

We are here to serve

Concrete structures can deteriorate over time, resulting in new spalls. If allowed to deteriorate, it becomes more costly in the long run. That’s why we provide a comprehensive quote which ensures all building defects are addressed prior to painting. We do this to ensure that our clients know exactly what they’re getting before the work even starts. We are a company that sticks to our word: what we promise is what you get!

What are some key signs of concrete deterioration to look out for?

Not only is concrete cancer or spalling pretty unappealing, but it is also destructive and potentially very dangerous. Underlying problems in your concrete structure may not always be obvious. However, when it comes to concrete cancer, cracking, spalling and honeycombing are fairly easy to identify. These may look harmless to your seemingly sturdy looking structure; however, the root of the problem is always the biggest concern because, without proper technical support, these issues can be overlooked, putting peoples’ safety at risk. The most common underlying causes of concrete spalling are:

  • Inadequate protection and waterproofing of the concrete.
  • Incorrect concrete design.
  • Poor or inadequate steel design.
  • Inadequate concrete curing.
  • Cracking and deflection of the concrete structure.
  • Poor quality concrete.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Insufficient concrete cover over steel reinforcing.

If left untreated, these issues can turn into major safety risks. Some things to look out that could indicate or eventually cause concrete cancer:

  • Brown/reddish stains that have run down any part of the building or next to cracks.
  • The concrete appears to be lifting or ‘spilling’ out in localised areas.
  • You might notice other cracks with moisture coming through - these can sometimes appear like fluorescent or white crystals.

If you’re really not sure what to look out for, don’t stress! Get in touch with us and we’ll organise to come and give you a consult for your structure.

I’ve noticed my concrete is deteriorating, what now?

Get in touch - we’re here to help, always! If you have identified any of the issues we have mentioned above and you’re reading this right now, you have come to the right place! If our 70 years of experience in the industry have taught us anything, it’s that time is of the essence when it comes to concrete rectification. Our experience has also taught us how to refine the best suitable concreting solutions for each individual job. We work to fit the situation, not the other way around!

Our process goes a little like this. We will:

  • Get to the root of the problem and determine where the deterioration starts from.
  • Assess how major or minor the total damage is.
  • Determine the best rectification method.
  • Prepare the existing concrete and reinforcing steel.
  • Establish a site-specific strategy, and then record all the details of the repaired areas.
  • Get to work rebuilding your building or structure back to its best and safest self.

Of course, the process might vary slightly from project to project but we always guarantee that you are in the best hands possible. Our skillset is so solid, it’s basically concrete.

When can I get in touch with you?

Well, in order for us to work to the best of our ability, we do need our beauty sleep. Therefore, we operate Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM AEST. Please don’t hesitate to call us, shoot us an email between those times. However, if you just missed out operating hours, use the contact form on our website and we'll get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office!

What if I need financial help to cover your services?

Want to work with Opat, but need a helping hand? We work with a trusted lender, so you can apply for the finance you need. Build (or rebuild) your dreams with a little help from a lender that has your back.

We understand that when our clients come to us looking for help, it can happen under emergency circumstances. Just because you might not have the funds to cover the services at the time, doesn’t mean that you should be denied the right to get the help you need. At Opat, safety comes first. So, don’t worry if you need a little financial help. As we said, we are your one-stop-shop. Click here to connect with our trusted lender.

Ready to rebuild?

If you like what you’ve read here and you’re thinking that our concrete rectification services are exactly what you’re looking for, click here to get in touch at any time! Or, if it’s between our business hours, give us a call on (07) 3265 3654 or shoot us an email to brisbane@opat.com.au.

We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have and someone from our awesome team is waiting to help you find what you're looking for with Opat. We are quality you can trust and that’s an absolute guarantee!